G. W. Adkisson of Conway

The Adkisson Family Farmhouse on Palarm Creek

George Washington Adkisson, was born 5 July 1864 in Mount Vernon, Faulkner County, Arkansas. His parents were Sampson “Sam” Adkisson and Martha W. Butler Adkisson of Mount Vernon, Arkansas.

He married Claudia Clara Lay on 11 February 1892. They had two children, Elsie Adkisson in 1892 and Samuel R. Adkisson in 1906. Sadly, Claudia Clara died 27 October 1909.

George married again on 12 January 1913 to Mary L. Robinette. They had four children, daughter Mary Margaret Adkisson in 1913, twin girls Ruth and Rubye in 1915 and son, George Washington Adkisson, Jr. in 1917.

Mary L Robinette (second person, top row) pictured with parents and siblings.

The family lived in Conway but also loved spending time between on the “family farm,”aka Adkisson Plantation near Mayflower. The plantation was once the largest in the area and encompassed nearly 3000 acres in Faulkner and Pulaski Counties.

On 27 March 1934, George was working at the plantation when he suffered a stroke and was transported back to his home in Conway. His health continued to decline so he was sent to a Little Rock hospital. Unfortunately, he passed that night. Survivors included his wife and six children.

After her husband’s death, Mary took over managing the plantation and properties which she did until her death in 1969.

In 1965, George, Jr officially incorporated the Adkisson Plantation as Palarm Creek Plantation, Inc.

The family owned and continued to operate the farm until after the death of G. W. Adkisson, Jr. in 1996 and was sold in 1997 to investors.

Just a little side note, George Jr. worked for Winthrop Rockefeller and was a manager of Winrock Farms on Petit Jean Mountain.

Another home on the Adkisson homesite.

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