Dad’s Brothers and Sisters

There’s not a picture of all of them together and, sadly, I only remember meeting one of the, Uncle David. Here’s a list of all my aunts and uncles. Siblings of Philip Lloyd Whitney, 1934-1996.

Carrie, Emmett, Emmett Jr and Anna about 1918

Emmett Leroy “Bob” Whitney Jr., 1913-1996

Anna Marie Whitney Uselton Altmeyer, 1915-1965

David, Paul, Joseph, Dale and Philip about 1937

David Wayne Whitney, 1921-1994

Paul Jean Whitney, 1922-1945

Dale Keith Whitney, 1925-1937

Joseph Dean Whitney, 1931-1937

Arthur, Fanny, Berniece and Pauline (?)

My grandmother abandoned her four little girls after the death of her first husband, Arthur Huff, and I don’t have much information on them. Three were adopted out in Nebraska around 1920. One, Winifred, supposedly died in the flu pandemic of 1918.

I did find two of the girls but unfortunately they had passed before I found them. The girls were named Berniece, Pauline, Gladys and Winifred before adoption. Only Berniece kept her given name. I’m not sure which girls are Pauline or Gladys.

Berniece Lorraine Rickard Grosvenor, 1912-2002

Winifred Huff, 1914-1918


Elizabeth Ann “Bette” Brown Smith, 1918-2003

“Preserve your memories, keep them well, what you forget you can never retell.”

Louisa May Alcott

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