Davies Bridge Waterfall Petit Jean State Park


Stop Motion – Nikon D3400, 18-55mm at 38 mm, 1/320 sec at f/8, ISO 200

The waterfall at Davies Bridge on Petit Jean on Saturday was really moving after the last round of rain and storms that rolled through the area on Friday. It was the widest I’ve ever seen it. I wanted to get the classic shot of the falls taken from the middle of the creek through the bridge but the water was still too high. I probably would have put on the water shoes and waded into the creek if someone had been with me but I was alone.

I took two shots of the waterfall from the top of the bridge. One to stop the motion of the water and the other shot to blur the motion. Unfortunately the water was moving too hard and fast to get much of a smooth silky look without completely blowing out the highlights.


Slow Motion – Nikon D3400, 18-55mm at 38 mm, 1/30 sec at f/32, ISO 200

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