New Fun

Y’all know I love my Nikon D800e but it is HEAVY, really HEAVY! Add on to that the weight of a lens and it gets hard to hold for long periods of time. The arthritis in my hands is getting worse and I have really been needing a lightweight camera.

Last week I took pictures at the Pioneer Village Spring Open House in Searcy and by the time I got back to my car, a couple of hours later, my hands hurt so bad that I had trouble the rest of the day even holding on to the steering wheel. Sunday the joints in my thumbs kept locking up and no over-the-counter drugs even began to help the pain.

So, Tuesday, I saw an ad on Bedford Camera and Video Facebook page that I just could not pass up. I was on the way to a job interview and I told myself if I got the job I would get the camera advertised.  I got the job.

Bedfords Facebook Add May 9, 2017 – sale ending soon:


The Nikon D3400 is the lightest Nikon on the market. It is an entry-level camera and weighs almost nothing compared to the D800e. I’ve been wanting a lightweight camera for travel for a while now but could not afford a good camera with the lenses I would need. This kit comes with the Nikon D3400 Camera and both a 18-55mm and 70-300mm lens plus a bag (like I really needed a new one, lol).

The D3400 also connects to mobile devices through bluetooth using the Nikon SnapBridge app. Although I cannot use my smartphone to connect for some reason both my Android Tab and iPad both connect without a problem as long as I am capturing in JPEG and not RAW.

Here are a few images I took while getting used to the camera:

Of course, I’ll still carry the D800e for wildlife and more ‘important’ shots but the D3400 will be my ‘go to’ camera for candids, event and travel photography.

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